The 22nd annual Haltech World Cup Finals - Import vs. Domestic event produced by Miller Brothers Productions (MBP) will take place at Maryland Int'l Raceway on November 1-5, 2017.

The event features Import vs. Domestic Drag Racing, a Custom Car Show, IBT Bikini Contest, a Huge Vendor Midway, and a Live DJ! The event is busting at the seams with over 30,000 fans in attendance, and there is no other event like it on the planet!

The WCF event breaks more class records than any event on Earth due to Jason Miller's legendary track prep and unparalleled cool and dry atmospheric conditions that only exist this time of year! Racers come to this event to obliterate records and make history!

The event draws hundreds of Heads-Up racers from over 10 different countries competing for over $100,000 in eight different classes of competition: Mickey Thompson Tires - Outlaw vs Extreme, ATI Performance Products - Radial vs Modified, Precision Turbo & Engine - X275 vs Hot Rod, JPC Racing - Street Fighter, Fuel Injector Clinic - Wild Street, Real Street Performance - Super Street, Driveshaft Shop - True Street, and Competition Clutch - All Motor.

The event brings you side by side racing action from just about every type of genre in drag racing featuring the top cars from just about every sanctioning body in the country! Forget the trash talking, it's time to prove that these drivers have got what it takes, with each side putting their reputation and egos on the line!

The pit area also features a Custom Car Show presented by Gary Best Kustumz on Sunday with trophies and cash prizes awarded. This show features beautiful cruisers, classics, hot rods, tuners, low riders, and exotics. All Car Show entries must pre-register for the car show.

The International Bikini Team kicks off the Bikini Contest presented by Victory Precision Machine on Sunday and is always a crowd favorite at WCF! Also, be sure to check over 2,300' of vendors on the vendor midway where you'll find performance parts, accessories, and apparel at great prices!

Also please make note that spectators are not permitted to bring Golf Carts, ATVs or other Pit Bikes to WCF. This is strictly enforced.

So be sure to mark your calendars for the 22nd annual Haltech World Cup Finals - Import vs. Domestic event at Maryland Int'l Raceway on November 1-5, 2017 for the best show in drag racing!

09/20/17:  The 2017 WCF Roll Call list is Now Posted Online!

This year, we have lowered the Minimum ET in most classes by half a second to achieve more side by side racing, and to make sure that only the best of the best are allowed to compete at WCF. We also changed the pre-registration process by requiring racers to purchase their tech card at the time of pre-registration, so we know that all pre-entries are committed to competing at the event. We already have 50 more cars that have paid and pre-entered this year (305 total so far) over what we actually had racing at the event last year (256). Not only do we have more cars this year, they’re all also faster due to the lower Minimum ET’s. This year’s event is going to be the best WCF in history! All racers have until October 1st to meet the Minimum ET for your class. If your entry does not say “PASSED” in the Minimum ET column, then you need to email a YouTube video or race results link of your car meeting the Minimum ET to, or your entry will be cancelled, refunded and removed from the Roll Call list.

09/20/17:  2017 WCF Rule Revisions - Radial Crossover

Click here to view the revisions to the 2017 WCF Radial Crossover Rulebook!

09/14/17:  All Tickets are Now on Sale!

Pre-Registration is now open for all Racers & Car Show participants! All General Admission Tickets, VIP Reserved Section Seating, and Pit Side Parking Passes are also on sale!

Buy Your Tickets Now - click here!

09/13/17:  2017 WCF Rule Revisions - Street Fighter Crossover

Click here to view the revisions to the 2017 WCF Street Fighter Crossover Rulebook!

09/13/17:  2017 WCF Rule Revisions - Wild Street Crossover

Click here to view the revisions to the 2017 WCF Wild Street Crossover Rulebook!

09/12/17:  2017 WCF Rule Revisions - Outlaw Crossover

Click here to view the revisions to the 2017 WCF Outlaw Crossover Rulebook!

09/12/17:  2017 WCF Rule Revisions - Radial Crossover

Click here to view the revisions to the 2017 WCF Radial Crossover Rulebook!

09/06/17:  Due to Hurricane Irma, Pre-Registration for the 2016 Qualifiers is Now Open!

WCF is opening pre-registration now for the 2016 WCF Qualifiers only so they can pre-register before possible power loss due to Hurricane Irma. WCF has received many calls and emails from qualified racers in the south fearing they might not be able to pre-register on Monday, September 11th because of the storm. So we have decided to open pre-registration now 2016 WCF Qualifiers only at All other Racers that did not qualify last year or New Racers, Car Show entries, General Admission tickets, VIP Reserved Section seating, and Pit Parking passes will still go on sale on September 14th at 12noon EST. We hope everyone stays safe during this storm, and our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

09/05/17:  2017 WCF Rule Revisions - Wild Street Domestic

Click here to view the revisions to the 2017 WCF Wild Street Domestic Rulebook!

08/31/17:  The Official 2017 WCF Rulebook Has Been Released!

Click here to view the Official 2017 WCF Rulebook!

08/30/17:  The 2017 WCF Event Brochure is Now Available!

08/21/17:  Advanced Tickets & Participant Pre-Registration for the Haltech World Cup Finals

Miller Brothers Productions will open all entries and ticket sales the week after Labor Day at Tickets will be sold for the 22nd annual Haltech World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway on November 1-5, 2017, using The FOAT ticketing company.  We have received hundreds of emails, calls, and texts from racers, car show enthusiasts, and fans asking what date & time (and even what time zone) everything goes on sale to ensure they are ready. Everyone else will be ready to buy at the exact moment it goes on sale, so be sure you’re ready too.

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08/16/17:  New Class Announced for WCF - Fuel Injector Clinic Wild Street

The Haltech World Cup Finals and the Fuel Injector Clinic are pleased to announce the addition of a brand new class for WCF! The new Fuel Injector Clinic Wild Street class has been put in place to bridge the large E.T. gap between the JPC Racing Street Fighter class and the Real Street Performance Super Street class. The exciting new Fuel Injector Clinic Wild Street class will be a Heads-Up class with a qualified 32-car field and will pay $5,000 to win, $2,000 to runner-up, $400 to semis, $100 to 1/4 finals, and $50 to 1/8 finals. Entry fee will be $150 and includes a driver full event pass. We are finalizing the rulebook for the Fuel Injector Clinic Wild Street class, and we will have them posted on by August 31st. Some of the Import RWD and AWD combinations in the Real Street Performance Super Street class might have to add a little more weight in 2017 to maintain parity with the rest of the FWD cars in the Super Street class.

08/11/17:  2017 WCF Rulebook Release Date

The 2017 WCF rulebook will be posted by August 31st right here on

Email all rule requests to  for consideration. Thank you.

08/04/17:  Racer Pre-Registration and Minimum ET Info

We are going to open up racer pre-registration after labor day weekend for the Haltech World Cup Finals - Import vs Domestic on Nov 1-5, 2017. Car count will be limited to 400 cars. Click here to read more.

02/02/17:  Pre-Registration for the 2017 WCF Spectator Camper Village is now open!

Camp sites for the 2016 site holders will be held until February 28th. All 2016 site holders have been notified via email to renew by the February 28th deadline to keep their same spot. Any camp sites that are not renewed will first be released to the waiting list on March 1st, and then released to the general public for purchase. Please call the MBP office at 240-349-2538 to renew your site or to be added to the waiting list. Keep in mind that all camp sites were sold out last year, so do not delay in reserving your site as they will sell out again this year. For information about the Camper Village please visit,  Pre-registration for racers and car show will go on sale this summer. VIP tickets, general admission tickets and pit parking passes will also go on sale this summer. More details on tickets, racer, and car show sales will be released very soon. To sign up for our mailing list for important updates on this info please visit,

11/07/16:  2016 WCF Race Results

Complete qualifying and elimination race results for the 21st Annual Haltech World Cup Finals - Import vs Domestic at Maryland International Raceway are now posted.  High resolution winner's circle photos are also posted on the results pages.  This was some of the best racing ever at WCF, so be sure to check out the results archive for this year as well as past World Cup Finals results.  Click here to view race results from the event!

10/14/16:  Revisions to the 2016 WCF Rulebook

MBP has made a few more revisions to the 2016 WCF Rulebook today on 10/14/16. These changes are dated and colored in Red. In the “Radial” class we are now allowing V10 cars with IRS to run twin 91mm turbos. In the “All Motor Crossover” rulebook we are allowing Factory Stock crossovers to remove their alternator, but prohibiting GT350 or Boss intakes on Coyote engines. In the “Street Fighter Crossover” rulebook we have allowed the N/A 10.5 crossovers to take an additional 100 lbs off their base weight. Ultra Street cars with F1A-94 supercharger now have to add 125 lbs to Ultra Street base weight to run Street Fighter. The Ultra Street turbocharged cars base weights are now 100 lbs lighter, so we now have Ultra Street turbocharged cars adding 125 lbs to run Street Fighter, which is still 50 lbs lighter overall than they were yesterday since they already had a 75 lb. penalty. Good luck to all WCF Racers!

10/11/16:  Mickey Thompson Tires funds bringing IHRA’s National Event Equipment to WCF!

Things are getting serious at WCF... Mickey Thompson Tires has funded bringing IHRA’s National Event Equipment to the Haltech​ World Cup Finals on Nov 4-6th! No other independent event will have this much prep equipment on site! All of this extra equipment is in addition to all of Maryland International Raceway’s existing track prep equipment! MDIR is already one of the best in the business, but this will make clean-ups and track prep 2 to 3 times faster than ever before!